Therapeutic Approach

As a child and family therapist my attention is first and foremost, focused on supporting and strengthening relationships within families. I primarily work with young children and their parents aiming to strengthen relationships and address concerns that are both specific to the child and parent(s) and embedded in family interactions. I also enjoy working with clients of all ages who are interested to approach healing through the imaginal space and wisdom of the unconscious, dreams, Sandplay Therapy and expressive arts.

While working with children it is my goal to observe and listen carefully to their unique ways of communicating and adjusting to the world around them. This requires attunement to the ways they represent their experience through play, art, and movement as well as words. The language of children is often (though not always) more metaphorical than literal. They may draw on their imagination and engage in storytelling to elaborate on topics that are difficult, or to expose their strengths and elements of resilience and resistance. As children mature and develop communication skills it continues to be helpful to provide a variety of resources and opportunities for expression and exploration of emotions and experience through play, art and movement.

In the Therapy Room

I make available a wide variety of play and art materials that encourage both nonverbal and verbal expression. I have extensive training and experience with Sandplay therapy and offer sand trays and figures as a tool for further exploration of emotions and experiences that are difficult to put into words. All of this work is a relational process that relies on our ability to connect and construct meaning that is not always visible, but that can be felt and more easily communicated and understood with practice and careful attention.

While parents are not always present during therapy sessions, their role in the therapeutic process is essential. Parents also benefit from being seen and heard and from opportunities to expand understanding of their child’s unique needs and concerns. Together we will create spaces for healing and understanding, while also reinforcing strategies for integrating our work into family and community life.